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Urinary tract infection in pregnancy

Urinary tract internal anastomosis complication

Urinary tract obstruction

Urine ascites

Urine ascites of the neonate

Urine induced contact dermatitis

Urine peritonitis

Urocanate hydratase deficiency

Urogenital blastomycosis

Urogenital Cancer

Urogenital infection by Tritrichomonas foetus

Urogenital injury

Urogenital trichomonas

Urogenital tuberculosis

Urokinase adverse reaction

Urokinase allergy

Urokinase overdose


Urologic disease

Urological system complication of procedure


Uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase deficiency



Urostomy stomal prolapse


Ursodeoxycholic acid adverse reaction

Ursodeoxycholic acid allergy


Urticaria due to cold

Urticaria due to cold and heat

Urticaria due to food additive

Urticaria due to heat

Urticaria due to salicylate

Urticaria due to serum

Urticaria due to strongyloidiasis

Urticaria medicamentosa

Urticaria neonatorum

Urticaria perstans

Urticaria pigmentosa

Urticaria pigmentosa, adult form

Urticaria pigmentosa, infantile form

Urticaria pigmentosa, maculopapular type

Urticaria secondary to infection

Urticarial reaction to blood product

Urticarial vasculitis

Urticarial vasculitis with monoclonal IgM component, Schnitzler

Usher syndrome type 1

Usher syndrome type 2

Usher's syndrome

Uterine abscess

Uterine atresia

Uterine candidiasis

Uterine cervix double

Uterine cornual occlusion

Uterine cornual polyp

Uterine disease

Uterine distension syndrome

Uterine fibroid - baby delivered

Uterine fibroid - baby delivered with postpartum complication

Uterine fibroid affecting obstetric care

Uterine fibroid complicating antenatal care, baby not yet delivered

Uterine fibroid polyp