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Unstable type I diabetes mellitus

Ununited anconeal process

Unverricht-Lundborg syndrome

Upbeat central vestibular nystagmus

Upgrading type 1 lepra reaction

Upper airway resistance syndrome

Upper back injury

Upper brachial plexus neuropathy

Upper esophageal web

Upper extremity lymphadenopathy

Upper eyelid ectropion

Upper eyelid entropion

Upper frequency deafness

Upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Upper limb arterial embolus

Upper limb artery stenosis

Upper limb ischemia

Upper limb nerve lesion

Upper limb or shoulder anomaly

Upper moiety ureter of duplex kidney

Upper motor neuron disease

Upper respiratory infection

Upper respiratory inflammation due to fumes AND/OR vapors

Upper respiratory tract hypersensitivity reaction

Upper respiratory tract obstruction

Upper urinary tract dilatation and obstruction

Upper urinary tract hematuria

Upper urinary tract infection

Upshaw-Schulman syndrome

Upwards herniation of cerebellum

Urachal cyst

Urachal diverticulum

Urachal fistula

Urate encephalopathy

Urban cutaneous leishmaniasis

Urban rabies

Urban yellow fever

Urea creams adverse reaction

Urea creams allergy

Urea herbicide causing toxic effect

Urea poisoning


Uremia following abortive pregnancy

Uremia in pregnancy without hypertension

Uremic acidosis

Uremic colitis

Uremic coma

Uremic encephalopathy

Uremic gastritis

Uremic lung

Uremic neuropathy

Uremic polyneuropathy

Uremic stomatitis

Uremic thrombocytopenia

Ureter Cancer

Ureter injury with open wound into cavity

Ureter stricture/obstruction

Ureteral sludge

Ureteric fistula

Ureteric fistula to cervix

Ureteric fistula to colon

Ureteric fistula to rectum

Ureteric fistula to skin