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Perinatal lung intra-alveolar hemorrhage

Perinatal massive pulmonary hemorrhage

Perinatal melena

Perinatal neurological disorder

Perinatal nonspecific brain dysfunction

Perinatal partial atelectasis

Perinatal periventricular hemorrhage

Perinatal pneumomediastinum

Perinatal pneumopericardium

Perinatal pneumoperitoneum

Perinatal pneumothorax

Perinatal pulmonary collapse

Perinatal pulmonary fibroplasia

Perinatal pulmonary hemorrhage

Perinatal purpura

Perinatal rectal hemorrhage

Perinatal respiratory distress

Perinatal respiratory failure

Perinatal rupture of superficial cerebral vein

Perinatal secondary atelectasis

Perinatal sensorineural hearing loss

Perinatal skin and subcutaneous infections

Perinatal skin or temperature regulation disorder

Perinatal skin trauma due to obstetric injury

Perinatal skull defect

Perinatal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Perinatal subependymal hemorrhage

Perinatal thrombocytopenia

Perinatal thyroid disorder

Perinatal transient vaginal bleeding

Perinatal trauma

Perinatal varicella

Perindopril adverse reaction

Perindopril allergy

Perineal candidiasis

Perineal delivery trauma

Perineal fistula

Perineal hematoma

Perineal hematoma during delivery

Perineal incisional hernia

Perineal itch syndrome

Perineal laceration during delivery

Perineal laceration involving anal sphincter

Perineal laceration involving hymen

Perineal laceration involving labia

Perineal laceration involving pelvic floor

Perineal laceration involving perineal muscles

Perineal laceration involving skin

Perineal laceration involving vagina

Perineal laceration involving vaginal muscles

Perineal laceration involving vulva

Perineal neuralgia