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Lanthionine synthetase C-like


large conductance calcium-activated potassium channel activity

large ribosomal subunit

large uncharged polar molecule transmembrane transporter activity

Lariat debranching enzyme, C-terminal

lariciresinol reductase activity

larval behavior

larval burrowing behavior

larval central nervous system remodeling

larval chitin-based cuticle development

larval development

larval development (sensu Nematoda)

larval fat body development

larval feeding behavior

larval foraging behavior

larval heart development

larval locomotory behavior

larval midgut cell programmed cell death

larval midgut histolysis

larval salivary gland determination

larval salivary gland morphogenesis

larval serum protein complex

larval somatic muscle development

larval turning behavior

larval visceral muscle development

larval walking behavior

larval wandering behavior

late endosome

late endosome lumen

late endosome membrane

late endosome to vacuole transport

late endosome to vacuole transport via multivesicular body sorting pathway

late meiotic recombination nodule assembly

Late protein L2

late recombination nodule

late stripe melanocyte differentiation

late viral mRNA transcription

latent virus infection

latent virus maintenance

latent virus replication

lateral element

lateral element assembly

lateral ganglionic eminence cell proliferation

lateral geniculate nucleus development

lateral inhibition

lateral line development

lateral line ganglion development

lateral line ganglion neuron differentiation

lateral line nerve development

lateral line nerve glial cell development

lateral line nerve glial cell differentiation

lateral line nerve glial cell morphogenesis during differentiation

lateral line system development

lateral loop

lateral mesoderm development

lateral mesoderm formation

lateral mesoderm morphogenesis

lateral mesoderm structural organization

lateral mesodermal cell differentiation

lateral mesodermal cell fate commitment

lateral mesodermal cell fate determination

lateral mesodermal cell fate specification

lateral motor column neuron differentiation

lateral part of motile cell

lateral plasma membrane

lateral pseudopodium formation

lateral reticular nucleus development

lateral root development

lateral root formation

lateral root morphogenesis

lateral root primordium development

lateral ventricle development

lathosterol oxidase activity

latrotoxin receptor activity

lauric acid metabolic process

lauroyltransferase activity

LBD domain binding


LDL Pathway

lead ion binding

lead ion transmembrane transporter activity

lead ion transport

leading edge

leading edge cell differentiation