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Mutations of the human valosin-containing protein, p97 (VCP) and Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein and SCAR homolog (WASH) complex genes cause motor neuron and cognitive impairment disorders. Here, we analyzed a cohort of German patients with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal lobar degeneration comorbidity (ALS/FTD) for VCP and WASH complex gene mutations. Next-generation panel sequencing of VCP, WASH1, FAM21C, CCDC53, SWIP, strumpellin, F-actin capping protein of muscle Z-line alfa 1 (CAPZA1), and CAPZB genes was performed in 43 sporadic ALS/FTD patients. Subsequent analyses included Sanger sequencing, in silico analyses, real-time PCR, and CCDC53 immunoblotting. We identified 1 patient with the heterozygous variant c.26C>T in CAPZA1, predicted to result in p.Ser9Leu, and a second with the heterozygous start codon variant c.2T>C in CCDC53. In silico analysis predicted structural changes in the N-terminus of CAPZα1, which may interfere with CAPZα:CAPZβ dimerization. Though the translation initiation codon of CCDC53 is mutated, real-time PCR and immunoblotting did neither reveal any evidence for a CCDC53 haploinsufficiency nor for aberrant CCDC53 protein species. Moreover, a disease-causing C9orf72 repeat expansion mutation was later on identified in this patient. Thus, with the exception of a putatively pathogenic heterozygous c.26C>T CAPZA1 variant, our genetic analysis did not reveal mutations in VCP and the remaining WASH complex subunits. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


Matthias Türk, Rolf Schröder, Katharina Khuller, Andreas Hofmann, Carolin Berwanger, Albert C Ludolph, Gabriele Dekomien, Kathrin Müller, Jochen H Weishaupt, Christian T Thiel, Christoph S Clemen. Genetic analysis of VCP and WASH complex genes in a German cohort of sporadic ALS-FTD patients. Neurobiology of aging. 2017 Aug;56:213.e1-213.e5

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PMID: 28551275

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