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Renal ischaemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury and hypertension represent major alloantigen-independent risk factors contributing to the development of chronic allograft nephropathy. In a model of accelerated major histocompatibility complex-independent renal injury, we evaluated the effect of leflunomide derivate - FK778 - on the progression of accelerated nephropathy. Thirty-six uninephrectomized hypertensive transgenic (m-REN-2)-27 rats received a clip on renal pedicle for 45 minutes. Animals were treated with FK778 3 mg/kg/day (I/R 3 mg, N = 12), 10 mg/kg/day (I/R 10 mg, N = 12) or placebo (N = 12) via gavage for 16 weeks. Eighteen animals were sham-operated and treated with FK778 3 mg/kg/day (sham 3 mg, N = 6), 10 mg/kg/day (sham 10 mg, N = 6) or were untreated (sham, N = 6). Proteinuria and blood pressure were evaluated throughout and the kidneys were harvested for morphological and immunohistochemical analysis at the end of the experiment. At week 16, rats with I/R injury and FK778 treatment had lower proteinuria compared with placebo-treated rats (I/R 3 mg: 48.42 +/- 26.16, I/R 10 mg 27.28 +/- 21.86 vs. Placebo: 70.13 +/- 50.19 mg/day, P < 0.05). The untreated sham group exhibited lower proteinuria compared with FK778-treated sham groups (Sham 3 mg: 24.23 +/- 10.89; Sham 10 mg: 17.37 +/- 4.13; Sham: 14.23 +/- 1.18) There was no difference in glomerulosclerosis and interstitial fibrosis among the treated groups. In the untreated animals the rate of interstitial fibrosis decline reached statistical significance (Placebo vs. Sham: 1.125 +/- 0.641 % vs. 0.250 +/- 0.500 %, P < 0.05). There was higher CD5+ leukocyte infiltration in the placebotreated group. FK778-treated rats displayed amelioration of some changes induced by the I/R injury. Our observation also suggests potential nephrotoxicity of FK778.


S Bloudícková, J Rajnoch, A Lodererová, E Honsová, O Viklický. Leflunomide derivate FK 778 in accelerated renal injury in transgenic rat. Folia biologica. 2010;56(2):72-7

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PMID: 20492759

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